Hindsight is 20/20

Jenni Lipa’s new book, Hindsight Is 20/20: I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now, is a compendium of suggestions for living life to the fullest.

Jenni has traveled the world and lived on four continents, and in this volume she distills her vast life experiences into one easy-to-read manual. Jenni has become an advice guru to many young people, including her own sixteen godchildren, who are looking for a shortcut to a meaningful life without the usual pitfalls.

Her heartfelt advice for twenty-somethings covers topics ranging from beauty to sex to philanthropy. The book is written in an entertaining and easy-to-read style and is meant as a reference book for all stages of life.

Hindsight Is 20/20: I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now is now available to download from the Amazon Kindle Store.

"The advice I share in this book is based upon personal experience and research over decades of a life well lived and does not pretend to be medical/academic in nature. It is not one size fits all but sound advice for certain situations".
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About Jenni Lipa

Jenni Lipa was born in South Africa and has spent a lifetime traveling and working around the world.

She now divides her time between New York and the island of Koh Samui in Thailand, where she rescues dogs, feeds baby elephants, and runs the Cambodian Community Dream Organization, an NGO she founded in 2007. With her twenty-eight-member Dream Team, Lipa and her nonprofit are devoted to helping the local community and improving the quality of life in Cambodia. 

Jenni is donating a large portion of the proceeds from her book sales to the Cambodian Community Dream Organization (CCDO).  So for every book purchased on the Amazon Kindle Store you are making a contribution to local communities in Cambodia.

"My greatest joy has been leaving my mark on the world, especially in a little corner of Cambodia. About one thousand kids call me “mom,” and I am proud of the difference that our team is making".
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About CCDO

Cambodian Community Dream Organization (CCDO) was founded in Cambodia in 2007 by Jenni with the sole objective of building water wells.  However, Jenni quickly realized that children hold the key to the country’s future and that kids deserved not only clean water and toilets, but a decent education, better nutrition and improved health.  Jenni has spearheaded many new programs as the needs grew.

CCDO believes in a hands up and not a hands out approach.  The community needs to be stakeholders and learn to become self-sustainable. In every aspect of rural life, the community is involved in helping each other.

The same approach is used with volunteers.  They are hands on and change lives, both theirs and others. CCDO has attracted many larger organizations to donate funds, as the total transparency in both funding and action is attractive to donors seeing changes on the ground.

CCDO aspires to inspire with over 1500 wells built and 300 hundred wells repaired, 200 houses rebuilt, 700 hundred latrines, educating 11,000 children in 507 schools and 13 preschools.  CCDO is changing the lives of over 200,000 Cambodians.


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